Weaverville Fire Department Support Services


August 3, 2016 1730


Call to Order/ Welcome new members:  Meeting called to order at 1738, by Vice-President Serena Brown. Members present: Kathy, Betty, Terri, Bonnie, Herk, and Larry H.   

Approve minutes July 6, 2016 meeting: M/S/C Emmons/Boorman to approve minutes as submitted

Officers Report:

A.     President: No report

B.     Treasure’s Report: No report

C.     Logistics: No report

Action Items:

A.     Discuss/Approve re-structuring and combining some of the Officer’s duties. – Tabled until September meeting.


Elections for Officers for the year of September 2016 through August 2017. – Tabled until September meeting.

               A.  President

               B.  Vice President

               C.  Secretary

               D.  Treasurer

               E.  Logistics


Committee Reports:

A.     EMS Support: Larry H. reported on a list of items that need to be ordered; had a lot of calls last week.  

B.     Station Maintenance: No report

C.     Equipment Maintenance: Herk reported all equipment is in good working order.  2151 needed a new preemptive light.  2131 left the County for a fire.

D.     Web Technology: Mike doing a great job keeping the website updated.  Keep sending photos for him to put on the website.

E.     Marketing: Discussion on possibly advertising on the big screen at the theatre for recruitment of firefighters and support services.  Betty will talk to Lisa.

Open Forum and Topics for next meeting:  Re-evaluate offices and possibly combine some/elections for offices.  Discussion on membership and responsibilities, possibly go over the by-laws and restructure.

Adjourn at 1820 hrs.