Weaverville Fire Protection District

Regular Meeting –Monday April 9, 2012

4:00 p.m. - 125 Bremer Street, Weaverville, California


Larry Helsley, Chairman                                                                                  Bill Britton, Commissioner

George Owen, Vice-Chairman                                                                         Dee Potter, Commissioner 

                                                                                                     Mike Williams, Commissioner                                                                              

I.                CALL TO ORDER:


II.              CONSENT AGENDA: All matters listed under Consent Agenda are considered routine by the board and will be enacted by one vote.  If discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the consent Agenda and will be considered separately.

A.    Approve Regular Meeting Minutes March 6, 2012 -

B.     Approve Warrant Lists and Journal Entries –


III.            ACTION ITEMS:  

A.    Discuss/Approve – Old Fire Station lease to the Clampers has a leak in the roof, fiscal impact unknown –

B.     Discuss/Approve – Old Fire Station Lease Amendment between Weaverville Fire and E Clampus Vitus -

C.    Discuss/Approve – Policy 12-1 Banking Procedures for Districts Direct Deposit/Firefighter reimbursement account -  

D.    Discuss/Approve – Resolution 12-1, authorizing and establishing a District direct deposit/Firefighter reimbursement account -

E.     Discuss/Approve – 3 invoices to go to small claims court, 4 letters of demand -

F.     Discuss/Approve - FEMA Fire Prevention Grant application – 5% cost match -


IV.            CLOSED SESSION: (54957)

               PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT

               Title: (District Clerk)


V.              REPORT FROM CLOSED SESSION: (54957.1)



A.    Hazardous Reduction Progress Report:

B.     Fire Chief/Marshal’s Report:

C.    Sleeper Program Reports:

D.    Committee Reports:

1.      Recruitment Committee: (Britton, Helsley, Alvord, Corbett, Prindiville)

2.      Collections Committee: (Hammer, Owen, Watkins)

3.      Contract Committee: (Williams, Alvord, Watkins)

4.      Tuition Committee: (Potter, Alvord)

5.      Budget committee: (Helsley, Potter, Alvord, Kormeier, Watkins)

E.     Director Reports:




IX.            ADJOURNMENT: